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7 Simple Air Conditioning Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

If you have ever had to suffer through a sweltering summer without the benefit of air conditioning, you know how important air conditioning is to your health and sanity.
So you may want to run out and get an air conditioner for your home. However, there are some mistakes that a lot of people make with their air conditioners that you should know about. Here are some of the more common air conditioning mistakes.

Buying a Huge Air Conditioner

It isn’t always a good idea to buy a huge air conditioner. A lot of people decide to buy a bigger one, because they think that it will cool their home down quicker. But oversized air conditioners won’t reduce humidity or create uniform temperatures. Larger units will also run inefficiently because they have quick cycles.

Hiding Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner might not be very attractive, but high summer cooling bills aren’t attractive either. Don’t hide your air conditioner behind a plant such as a shrub. This is going to clog your condenser coils, make your air conditioner less efficient, and hinder ventilation.

Ignoring Maintenance

A lot of people see their air conditioner as being self-sufficient. Therefore, many homeowners often ignore the basic maintenance which helps improve comfort and efficiency, as well as extend the air conditioner’s life.
Replace or clean the filters every weeks. If you are using it constantly or its filtering a lot of pet hair and dust, check your filters regularly. It’s also important to check out and clean your evaporator coil annually. Thread a very stiff wire through the drain channels on a regular basis and check your window seals around your window units each year.

Use a Thermostat

Use an individual timer or a thermostat which can be programmed to begin cooling off your house before arriving home. This is more efficient and cheaper than running your air conditioner to run all day.

Turning Your Temperature Down

If you’re comfortable when it’s set at 78 degrees, you shouldn’t turn your thermostat down when you get home to 72. This won’t make the house cool off faster, it’s simply going go past 78 and then waste a lot more energy to get to the really cold temperatures.

Heating Your Thermostat

Be sure that televisions, stereos, and other kinds of heat generators aren’t close to your thermostat. Otherwise, it may accidentally increase your temperature reading so that your air conditioner is overworked.

Closing Unused Vents Blindly

There are different opinions whether it’s a good idea to close doors and vents in unused rooms. A lot of times, this may cause your central air to run less efficiently. It’s best to consult with an expert before you close off any sections of your house during the summer. It’s also a good idea to be wary of closing off the rooms that have thermostats in them.

Air conditioning can make the hottest summer more bearable. But if you aren’t careful, you might make it run less efficiently. Remember these seven mistakes that people often make and avoid making them yourself. It will help your summer be much cooler and more comfortable.

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